Programme Modules


TBS is composed of 5 Modules with an optional module that allows you to obtain an ILM Certificate in Training the Trainer.


Module 1 - Introduction: Organisation of Training
Understanding Training
Coaching & Mentoring
Overview of the Training Industry
Qualification, Skills & Competencies
Logistics & Venue Management
Training Materials, Equipments, Accessories
Health & Safety & Learning Environment
Programme Marketing & Delegate Management
Training Administration, Legal & Compliance

Module 2 – Training Design, Development & Delivery
Analysing training needs
Defining the ‘why, who and what’ of a training program
Agreeing parameters; purpose, benchmarks, specific learning objective, scope and breadth of the learning program, target group learners, learning environment, etc.
Assessing current knowledge, skills, and attitudes requirement and gaps
Defining learning or training objective and outcomes, determining training delivery mode outlines
Developing materials for training program and implementing the training program.
Managing team dynamics through effective facilitation techniques
Managing difficult training and/ or delegates
Developmental methods and how this will meet the learning styles of the group
Delivery: Presentational techniques to develop the 3 Vs of personal communication
Using visual aids effectively, roles play, exercises, DVD’s, etc
Facilitation & Feedback skills
Using experiential training methods
Evaluating Training

Module 3 - Practise Session
Practice: During the course there will be the opportunity for two 15-minute video recorded practice sessions on the subject of the delegate’s choice. Delegates may wish to bring some materials that will assist in these practical sessions, but they should be simple and for demonstration purposes only.

****Optional Module 4 - Bonus ILM Certificates:

This is ILM Endorsed. Certificate Awarded course for each Module.

The course consists of 4 individual Certificates of Completion:

1. Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring 
2. Certificate in Learning - competence & needs 
3. Certificate in Learning - foundation 
4. Certificate in Training - the process 

This certificated program is designed for practicing trainers seeking to improve their professionalism - or those aspiring to this vocation.
The course consists of 4 individual Certificates of Completion:
1.         Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring                                       17 CPD Hours
2.         Certificate in Learning - competence & needs                                    17 CPD Hours
3.         Certificate in Learning - foundation                                         16 CPD Hours
4.         Certificate in Training - the process                                         14 CPD Hours

Each of these four learning modules have a number of ebriefings assigned.  Each ebriefing contains a content quiz.  Achieving a 60%+ pass will result in CPD Hours being awarded. If the average score on each module is 70%+ then a Certificate of Completion can be printed for that module. 
The ILM awarded Certificate will be realised when the student has successfully completed the four modules and the assignment.
The assignment consists of a work based assignment with five tasks - these are based upon ILM Level 3 & 4 Units. Upon completion the assignment will be emailed to an assessor for marking.  The mark for each task must exceed the minimum and overall the assignment must exceed 50%.

The course is delivered via an Online system. The pre-start session contains information on system operation and a number of downloadable documents that cover the ILM’s course induction requirements.  In addition throughout the programme participants can receive tutor support in any of the following ways:

  1. email helpline
  2. email assignment critiquing
  3. individual face-to-face coaching or mentoring
  4. customisable workshops

To a certain extent timescales are flexible according to the participant's personal and work life circumstances, though this flexibility may be compromised if they are a member of a corporate study group all needing to progress at the same rate.

Module 5 - The Commercial Side of Training 

Overview of Training Business
Growth Areas and Development in Learning
Identifying & Developing Core Competency Areas
Developing your Consultancy, Branding, Web Presence, etc
Marketing & Getting Business, Role of Social Media
Planning Training, Costing, Fees, etc
Managing Clients, Expectations & Service Delivery


Module 6 – Mentoring & Coaching Support
One on one Mentoring & Support
Help with defining competency or niche area
Brand development, business registration
Web presence development and social media integration
Opportunity to shadow or participate in LIVE Training